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QUESTION [18 Oct 2007|01:09pm]

I hope I am not offending anybody with this, but are there people on those community who actually role play Mao?

If yes it would be nice if you could contact me via a comment here or on AIM on once was yours since Aki is a bit lonely without his band mates ;;

Thanks for your time! <3
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Maonyan's Birthday Aha~n [07 Oct 2007|02:29am]

[ mood | 'sup still sick 'n' ]

As I'm sure you all know, Mao will be getting a year older on the 23rd of this month and he certainly loves gifts from his fans. shinibun and I were discussing gift ideas on short notice and came up with a nice, simple idea to let Mao know just how many foreign fans out there want to wish him a happy birthday (and you local fans too, for those of you on the community!).

The idea is quite simple, but also a great personal way to let him know you want to wish him a happy birthday - even if it is from far away. It will also be useful to those of you who just don't have the time or money to invest on gifts or sending things (shipping can be torture!).

It's a group effort to let him know just how many voices want to send him wishes no matter what sort of distance may separate us from both one another and our Sempai.

We will be compiling a CD of your personalized birthday messages within the next week and then sending it along to Mao for his Birthday on October 23rd. We feel like this would be a great way for a lot of fans to participate together in such a short time to send a sweet gift to Mao.

If you are interested in participating, it's really quite simple!
More information is behind the cutCollapse )

We really hope many of you will participate so that we can send Mao a great birthday gift from all of us here on the community!

Thanks so much! ♥

[and apologies if any of you see this twice. ;v;]

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I'm surprised no one has done it here. [23 Oct 2005|02:29pm]

he shimmersCollapse )
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New Message [27 Sep 2005|02:31am]

[ mood | creative ]

New message on the OHP! *^^*
Finally Mao! YEY!!!

I like his singing. *^^*
So cute! ♥
If someone can rip this, that would be awesome!

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[30 Aug 2005|09:28pm]

I wrote this in the sid__ comm a while ago... i forgot to add here too.. ^^;;;;;; sorry.

Okay, i finished up with Mao, i actually had fun with this one, because i actually had something to copy off of from, while the one i did with Aki was just from memory. I think i want to do all four of them from what picture. Well you all know what pic i copied this from right? Anyway, i don't know if it's awesome, but i like it. It actually came out pretty goo din my opinion ^^; He may not look like it though. Anyway. The mouth/lips were an 'itch to do [i hardly ever swear xD]. Lol i got lazy with that gold thing on his glasses, and dude.. I HATE DRAWING GLASSES, ALL THE SYMMETRY AND EVIL-NESS xD

Mao sketch and colourCollapse )

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